Look No Further Coffee Lovers – Common Grounds Is The Place To Go


Hayley Procon, Staff Writer

Located on Boston Road, Common Grounds Cafe is the only coffee shop around that sells delicious coffee and food.

Common Grounds is a small family owned business that makes you feel welcome and comforted every time you walk through the door. From the minute you walk in you’re instantly greeted by not only the people but the scent of fresh coffee and muffins. The whole room is decorated with witty coffee quotes, comfy chairs, and music playing in the background. The cafe is run by a father and daughter duo who seem to have a love for coffee, pastries, and people.

Common Grounds is unlike every other cafe or coffee shop around. The reason being that they don’t sell burnt coffee or stale muffins. Every other coffee shop I’ve ever been to has been a disappointment compared to Common Grounds. The owner, Theresa, has secret recipes for all of her muffins and pastries which makes them so much better.

Their prices are also extremely affordable. A small coffee costs only $2.25 and a large is just $0.25 more at $2.50. There are only about five employees and each one of them knows your order by heart if you’re a regular.

The minute I walk through the door I’m greeted by whoever’s working and immediately they make my small iced French vanilla coffee with almond milk and are heating up my chocolate chip muffin (or banana if available).

They have a range of options, including tea, hot chocolate, lattes, etc. Along with drinks, they also sell breakfast specialties like croissants, muffins, breakfast sandwiches, etc.

Theresa is working almost every time I go and get my coffee. She normally greets me with a “Hey there, French vanilla right?” I always nod my head and smile and we proceed to talk about our day or recent news. Theresa is like this with all her customers and every time I walk in she is always talking to whoever is ordering or sitting down enjoying their food.

Common Grounds has become like a second home for me. I work on homework, meet up with friends, and just enjoy what I order. It’s a great place for anyone who loves coffee and a comforting environment to relax.