Evergreen Walk for Everlasting Sales


Lauren Teixeira, Editorial Editor

The holidays are here! The holidays are here!

Do you know what that means?

Presents! — and the struggle of what to get, and where to get them.

The Promenade Shops at Evergreen Walk in South Windsor, CT is the solution to all of those problems. With walkways lined with shops and restaurants, the Evergreen Walk is the place to go for all of your holiday shopping needs, as well as a nice bite to eat afterwards.

With a variety of different shops available, shopping seems a breeze. Stores range in pricing from inexpensive to costly, however, majority of the stores located at the Evergreen Walk offer all types of deals and sales daily. The stores vary from Old Navy to Sephora and even offer a large L.L.Bean. Overall, the Evergreen Walk includes around 60 stores and, those who are looking for specific store sales, can find them daily at the Evergreen Walk’s website.

The walkways are lined with trees and bright fairy lights are wrapped around them, adding a warm glow to the stone sidewalks. The atmosphere is cheerful and inviting, with a large, communal bonfire in the center of the complex for those who tend to get chilly.

The Evergreen Walk offers seven sit-down restaurants as well as an assortment of food and beverage places, such as Ben & Jerry’s and Emerald City Smoothie, strewn throughout the venue. The restaurants vary from a Panera Bread to multiple grillhouses and prices range from around the $10 area or up. The snack shops gauge their items around $5. All of these places are perfect for an post-shopping bite.

The Evergreen Walk is a great place for an outing with friends and family or a holiday shopping trip. Designed for any budget, the stores and restaurants are enjoyable for anyone. If you’re in the area, or even if you aren’t, be sure to check it out.