“Life of Pi”: extremely captivating

Life of Pi: extremely captivating

Faith Bolieau, Staff Writer

Are you one of those people that is captured by the beauty of adventure? Or are you someone who enjoys suspense? Could you possibly be someone that has a ‘thing’ for sadness in a film?


If yes is your answer to at least one of those questions, then Life Of Pi, now on DVD, is the movie for you.


it is based off of the book with the same title, so if you’re more of a bookworm then I recommend reading it.


This movie features a man from India trying to get an American Atheist to believe in God.


The mans name is Piscine, like the pool, because his father was a great swimmer. His name was pronounced ”pissing” so he was made fun of as a boy. Because of the other children, Piscine made a clever nickname for himself to erase the terrible pun. The new nickname was Pi, as in the math term for 3.14. He earned the nickname by filling up over four chalkboards with the long, infinite version of 3.14.


He astonished math teachers and students alike with his amazing ability, but also surprised his parents when he began practicing three religions at once. He began to feel a love for one of the three; a religion about jesus, and the lord God.


Since then, Pi has chosen to believe in God.


Years later, Pi’s family had taken board onto a Korean ship to go to America due to the fact they had a zoo, and it would be better in America instead of India.


Thats where things get complicated in the life of Pi.


Sooner or later, Pi has to fend for himself as he is stranded on a boat with the tiger, Richard Parker.


In this movie, unexpected friendships are made, friendships are lost, love is abandoned, and the story being told always gets more and more peculiar.


I can honestly say as I watched this film, I was surprised about the things that happened, and extremely interested in the special effects and the beautiful sceneries incorporated into certain scenes.


This movie has earned 5 stars in my book. Its mind-boggling because the audience will not be sure about what will happen next, and it is definitely a movie that sends anyone to the edge of their seats.

I reccomend this movie for anyone who has the time (it is a lengthy movie), and is movie hunting for something grasping.