Morning MC’s bring music to students’ ears

DJ Steve Talbot picks tunes to be played over the intercom at Ludlow High School.

DJ Steve Talbot picks tunes to be played over the intercom at Ludlow High School.

Siearra Papuga, Staff Writer

Never would I have come to imagine that when I walked into Ludlow High School at 7:10 a.m. would I hear the upbeat styling of Ke$ha, or the classic ring of The Clash.  No one would have guessed that they hear Black Eyed Peas or Green Day blasting from the speakers of the hallways and classrooms before classes began.  But here we are, taking in the day’s topics, and the musical choices of our morning DJs: Juniors Steven Talbot, Autumn Ballard, and Ashley Tashjian.

The idea was Principal Gina Flanagan’s, a former DJ herself who wanted to bring the idea here to hype up LHS.

 Students wishing to be DJs had to complete and application and sit for an interview with administrators. The three finalists offer an eclectic mix to the morning tunes.

 “I listen to Rock mostly, but a little of everything” says Talbot.  However, Talbot would like to see “people a little more excited and awake” in the mornings, and he says he’s willing to “test new waters.”

The DJs begin their mornings by arriving around seven o’clock, connecting their iPods or plugging in their laptops, and compose the play list for that day to be approved of by Mrs. Flanagan.

“Then we have to hold up the phone to our speakers,” says Ballard. “It’d be nice for the DJ’ing to become more technologically advanced.”

This program, which runs for about 20 minutes a day, not only brings good spirits to the students who arrive early to school each morning, it always is very rewarding to the DJs.

“I absolutely love music and being a Dj on the radio has always been a little dream of mine,” says Ashley. “Being a morning DJ just helps me get one step closer to it.”  

The DJs don’t want to just limit their jobs to playing music and adding witty comments, they’re full of new ideas.  

“I would love to have interviews with people throughout the school” Tashjian says, “and it would be awesome if some of the local bands stopped by and promoted their shows or music.”

Ballard thinks they should be able to “connect more with the students.”  

Talbot agrees with both ladies, “interaction with the students” should be the next step.

The djs encourage requests and suggestions at[email protected].

LHS could be responsible for the next Rick Ryle or 95.7’s new Courtney, but until then, I’ll just keep enjoying “We R who we R” every morning.