Juniors Take Winter Spirit Week

One More To Be Spirit Week Champions


Ludlow High School’s annual winter spirit week is the best way to send off students right before the winter break. With the intentions of bringing the classes together to compete against all other grades, the week consisted of five theme days and ended with the annual pep rally.

Lillian Przybyl

The first of the theme days was “Winter White Out” Day where the seniors won with a total of 68% of people dressed. Juniors had 54% of people dressed, while Sophomores had 47%, and Freshmen with 36%.

Day two of spirit week played to students nostalgia: Disney Day. Students wore Disney or Disney character related clothes. This was the day that the least number of people were dressed. The winners of Disney Day were the Seniors with a total of 35.7% (Juniors with 27.2%, Sophomores with 17.3%, and Freshmen with 10.7%).

Day three was Ugly Sweater day in the spirit of the holidays. Students dressed up in their ugliest holiday sweaters and jingled their way down the hall to be counted. Seniors also won Ugly Sweater Day, beating the Juniors by 11%. The Sophomores beat the Freshmen by only 2% with a total of 19%.

The last day of spirit week was class color day and was concluded with the beloved pep rally. The pep rally decided the winner of spirit week. For theme day counts, the Sophomores won with a total of 69% of their class dressed in blue. They beat every other grade by at least 15% with the Juniors coming in second with 54%of their class dressed in purple. Seniors followed closely behind with 53% dressed in green and Freshmen close after with 52.6% dressed in red. 

The pep rally began with a win for the seniors in the penny wars and a win for the juniors with their banner. The first event to occur was the marshmallow drop with the Sophomore class winning with Krystian Wojcik and Ryan Colson representing them.

Lillian Przybyl

After that was the Ludlow High School Fight Song. The junior class won with a united sing-along.

The Seniors won the Water Bottle Carpet ride represented by Chantz McClean, Amanda Poirior, Olivia Fernandes, Sierra Rodrigues, Emily Ganhao, Don Gregory, and Jake Wyllie.

Lillian Przybyl

The candy cane pick-up was won by the Junior class, represented by Vice Principal Mr. Mitchell. The goal of the game was to use one candy cane to pick up as many other candy canes as possible without using hands. The Seniors and Freshmen tied for last with the Seniors represented by Mr. Fanning and Freshmen represented by Mr. Campbell.

The T-Shirt Conveyor was the next activity on the agenda in which students had to link arms and take the t-shirt off of one person, putting it on another, without letting go of their arms. The senior class won this challenge represented by Kassy Muise, Chantz McClean, Sedona Wikar, Emilio Mancuso, Maegan Santos, Adam Wehner, Jimmy Elliot, Nate Homans, Baylee Edwards, and Jocelyn Trajkovski.


The obstacle relay and hot potato were two of the most competitive activities of the day. The Senior class won the obstacle relay represented by Carson Kowalski, Logan Flagg, Kyle Goncalves, Ryan Moylan, Jaiden Oyague, Peter Mentekidis, and Jacob Leblanc and the Freshmen class won the hot potato challenge.

The lip sync battle was the event with the most anticipation during this spirit week. The seniors won with a blast from the past creating a mix off all the best songs from the past decade to celebrate the start of another. A video of the winning performance is posted below:

In the end, the Juniors ended up winning spirit week with the Seniors at a close second. Juniors ended the week with a total of 44 points, the Seniors trailing just 2 points behind. The Sophomores ended the week with 39 points and the Freshmen had 24. With this, students left for their break feeling festive and closer to their class as a whole. Junior Marissa Balbino said that overall, she was “pleased with the results and satisfied with another win for the juniors.” If Juniors continue this streak, they will be names this year’s spirit week champions. 

Lillian Przybyl