The Student Council Constitutional Convention


The student council constitution was first penned in 1962 on a school typewriter. It is an outdated document, still being distributed to student council members in the original typeface. It has been amended over the years, removing whole articles of outdated mandates and rules. However, the last amendment was placed in 1984. It has not changed since. 

The constitution, as it stands, is obsolete. And that’s why we’re changing it.

“It had to be changed at some point,”  Matthew Tibbitts, student council president and chairman of the revision committee, told me,  “so why not change it now?”

Tibbitts plans on fully cementing unwritten traditions into the text of the constitution, ensuring that the  generation-spanning heritages will not be forgotten. Similarly, he is planning on revising the position of Captain of Senior Patrol to more accurately reflect the responsibilities and description of the position. 

Most importantly, Tibbitts is planning on facilitating non-officer student involvement in student council, making sure “everybody can say what they please.” This is very significant, as it brings the general population of the school closer to changes in policy and the school board as a whole. 

Congressional meetings shall take place November 18th, with further meetings and ratification dates to come. The new constitution will be posted here on The Cub, so be sure to check for updates.