Annual Dodgeball Marathon


Last years winning team the “Brown Tundra Cockroaches”

Bryanna Ferreira, Staff Writer

The class of 2018 is organizing the annual dodgeball marathon to raise money for their class. The marathon will take place Jan 11 in the gymnasium from 4-10:00 p.m.

The event falls the Friday at the end of midterms week so the students can relax and “blow off some steam,” as Junior class advisor Diana Sands puts it.

The marathon will run using a round robin bracket, meaning all teams will have the opportunity to play each other. Any student can participate by forming teams of 7-10 students and paying the fee to play. The winning team of the tournament receives a medal. Pizza and refreshments will be served for all participants.

Former student and 2016 class president Luis Fialho created the marathon as a fundraiser for his class. When he graduated, he handed down the idea to the class of 2018.

Junior class advisors Kerry Valentine and Diana Sands are grateful that Fialho left everything organized for the class of 2018 to easily take over.

“It’s just a lot to organize and we have to remain organized,” said Valentine. “They need to set up the courts as well as decorate the gym and display the food and beverages.”

Valentine explained that the transition between games needs to be quick and efficient so they can get all of the games in on time.

The class of 2018 along with their advisors set up the event, with help from teachers and students who wish to be involved without actually playing dodgeball

“It wouldn’t be possible without the generous donations from Gio’s Pizzeria, Randall’s Farm, Chmura’s Bakery, and a lot of parents,” says Sands.

Last year, about 160 students and 10 teachers participated, taking about 70 games to complete the marathon.

“The kids all had a great time,” said Sands.

She described the intensity of the final game caused by the competitiveness of the players. Sands pointed out that most teams generally wear matching t-shirts, some even specially made for the team.

Last year the “Brown Tundra Cockroaches” took the medal. The team consisted of David Modzelewski, Daniel Rodrigues, Ryder Hastings, Keith Venancio, Evan Jurkowski, and and Andrew Conchinha.  

“We went into the tournament with plans of winning it all and there proved to be no competition. I called it easy money,” says Conchinha.

This year, Conchinha plans to “bring his veteran experience” to another team. He wants to help the team in any way he can because he sees potential to win.