Winter Olympics to return to LHS


Anna Belculfine, Assistant Editor

The Winter Olympics will make a comeback for a second year at LHS on Dec 22, once again replacing Deck the Halls during period six and seven. The Spirit Week celebration will consist of various types of games for students from each class to participate.

“I will miss Deck the Halls, but I believe the Winter Olympics and the pep rally were a perfect replacement,” says Lions Pride President Jennifer Ollquist.

Students from each grade will create a banner to represent their class. The banner has a maximum measurement of 5X20 feet and needs to represent the class color. Duct tape is prohibited to hang up the banner but students are allowed to use “command strips.” Students will hang the banners above the bleachers during period five, and any banner not hung up by 12:10 will be disqualified.

One to five students from each class will sing the National Anthem. Each class has a portion of the song to sing and the class that performs the song the best will get the points.

Next, two male and two female students from each class will compete in a 45-second relay challenge. This challenge includes a layout, free throw, three pointer and a half court shot.

Students will also compete in a water flipping contest. One male and one female from each class will have a minute to flip and land the water bottle, and drinking the water is included in this minute. Disqualification occurs if any students pours the water on the ground instead of drinking it.

The balloon pop will make a comeback again for the second year. Eight students, four male and four females will have to keep their balloon in the air and hit it back and forth without the balloon hitting the ground. Students cannot hit the balloon twice in a row, and once the pair makes it to the finish line they will have to pop the balloon between bodies and using only their upper body (no hands.)

“It was very difficult to pop at the finish line last year,” says sophomore Bryanna Ferreira. “The balloon was easy to keep up in the air, but hard to push forward.”

An obstacle relay or tic-tac-toe relay is included as well with two males and two females participating. Scooters, hula hoops/jump ropes and a basketball are objects that are involved in the relay. The tic tac toe relay is an alternative activity.

Then, two students will participate in drawing a lion blindfolded. One person will draw and the other student guides him or her.

After, four students will use a Tupperware container to scoop up balls and will send them behind to their classmates. The students put the balls into a “counting container” and the class with the most wins. This game is called Hungry Hippos with scooters.

“Snow teacher” involves two teachers wrapped in toilet paper. Students need to wrap the teachers as fast as possible so they’re decorated as a snowman along with a hat, nose and scarf.

Two of the 2019 class advisers will be participating in snow teacher, Christopher Rea and Keith Woodman. Both teachers were nominated by the students in their class.

“Mr. Woodman and I will be vigorously preparing for these important roles, and we will do our best to represent 2019 and bring home a victory,” says Rea. “If nothing else, I’m pretty certain it will be a funny spectacle.”

Lastly, the Lip Syncing contest ends the day and Spirit Week. Ten to fifteen students lip sync and dance to a song under four minutes. Students are allowed to dress up in costume to correspond with their song.  

“I believe that this year will be better than ever,” says Ollquist. “People know what to expect for this years pep rally and the Freshman are already starting to foster a competitive spirit.”