LHS is home to three Youtube celebrities

LHS is home to three Youtube celebrities

Josh Charest, Staff Writer

What if you were paid to play your favorite video game? Well that is exactly what seniors Danny Matias, Jordan Martins and freshmen Max Matias do.

Minecraft is a game that gives the player the possibility to do anything, from building giant skyscrapers and massive pyramids to digging to the center of the earth to fight giant monsters, the player can do anything with Minecraft.

The trio, known on Youtube as MCFinest, have made 785 videos and have over 450,000 subscribers to their channel. They have about 100 million total views, and that number is growing everyday.

In a month, they get about 10 million views on their Minecraft videos, parodies, and various types of other videos relating to the game.

It took two years of hard work, filming, editing, and finally uploading the videos to reach the spot they are in today. After sitting down with the group, they explained not only their beginning, but how they work and their plans for the future.

Martins explained how MCFinest began almost 3 years ago. Just like any other Youtube channel, “At first we just started to do it for fun, but as we got more subscribers and views we just kind of went with it.”

The massive amount of success the trio has attained came up, and both Jordan and Max agreed that it took quite a bit of time and work to get them to the level they have reached. After countless hours of recording, cutting video, editing, they are able to present their finished product.

When asked if they ever thought they would reach their level of popularity when they started, the three agreed that they had no idea that it would ever be as successful as it has become. Many people who have not seen their videos wonder how they have become so popular, which Max and Martins explained.

“I think the community on Youtube can relate to us, most kids on there are younger and they like our immaturity,” said Martins.

MCFinest has many different kinds of videos, from parodies of popular music videos to survival videos to Minecraft: Hunger Games videos. Max said that his favorite type to make were survival, which are videos that show players how to build houses and fight off monsters so that they can survive against the massive amounts of monsters.

Both Jordan and Danny enjoy the parodies, which are videos that make fun of popular music videos by making Minecraft versions of the dance videos, sometimes changing the words to the song to fit the Minecraft theme.

Max explained how long it takes them to make a video, “We could work 5 hours one day, and none the next day, or work 30 minutes a day for a week. It really all depends on how much work we put in.”

What makes them from different from all those other Youtube videos? “Its our personalities, we are just a group that mixes well together,” said Danny.

From there we moved onto the future of MCFinest, where careers involving video games or making videos was brought up. Max is interested in becoming a software developer, while Danny is also interested in working in the fields. Martins is unsure, but thinks it would also be cool to work with software.

Finally, with both Martins and Danny being seniors, they talked about the future of the channel after they head off to college. “We have no plans on stopping the videos,” Danny said, the other two agreed with the statement.

MCFinest is a true success story showing that anyone can do what they love. When we were talking about careers, I asked if they considered making Youtube videos a job.

“I would consider this a job,” said Danny, leaning back in his chair with a smile on his face.

Martins disagreed, leaning back in his own chair, “I don’t consider it a job, I enjoy it too much.”

“Do what you love, right?” I mentioned, looking to Martins. “Exactly, do what you love,” he replied.