The senior class wins deck the halls

The senior class wins deck the halls

Seniors decorated a hallway that displayed the “evolution of kids.”

Stacia Papuga, Staff Writer

The senior class took first place in the deck the halls competition on Thursday, Dec. 20, followed by the juniors in second, the sophomores in third and finally the freshman in fourth.

The seniors’ theme was “Mellow Yellow Memories.” Their hallway depicted pictures from when they were younger and now as seniors. They also made character’s like Tweety Bird, The Simpsons, Spongebob, and the Yellow Dragon from Dragon Tales.

“It was an obvious win,” said senior Sukru Yildirim. “No grade is better than us.”

The juniors boasted a blue “Under the Sea” theme, with an octopus, dolphins, seahorses, jellyfish, and a shark that said “freshman are friends not food.” The centerpiece was a blue serpant that stretched the length of the hallway.

“Deck the halls was a lot of fun. We put a lot of hard work this year with our theme and it was good spending a little bit more time with the class. We’re looking forward to doing this next year and possibly winning it all this time,” says junior Steven DaCosta

The sophomores, whose color is red, came up with a Coca-Cola theme. This consisted of a Coke wreath, a “2015” sign made from the bottoms of coke cans, and polar bears playing toss with a Coke can.

“My class did well this year…, we improved a lot from last year and learned that time is the most precious commodity,” said sophomore Marie Meak.

Finally, we have the freshman class and their theme, generated by the color green, was Monopoly. Their hall had a jail cell, dice, green houses, money, and places relating to Ludlow like the Ludlow Police Department, McDonalds, Randalls and more.

“I think that we did pretty good for coming up with our theme in such little time. Next year we definitely need to start planning sooner and getting more people to input ideas,” says freshman Sydney Scyocurka.