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Teachers recognized by “Top Dog on Campus”

Teachers recognized by Top Dog on Campus

LHS now gives staff members their two weeks of fame with the new “Top Dog on Campus” program, organized and run by a committee formed of the student body with the goal of showing thanks to dedicated teachers, staff members, and administrators. The September winner was Thomas Cote, attendence officer.

“The process of this program is completely student-driven. This is the students’ chance to step up and give acknowledgement to those they feel deserve it,” said Assistant Principal Michael Halpin, advisor of the program. “Students may stop by either one of the offices to pick up and fill out a nomination form.”

The first week before every new month, the student committee, which is composed of two representatives from each grade, will sit down with Halpin and read all the nomination forms. After every form is evaluated and taken into consideration, the committee will choose two staff members they believe exemplified the school in a positive way. The first winner will be announced for the first two weeks and the second winner will be announced for the last two weeks of the month they have been selected.

“Our plan is to show up in their classrooms and give them their own sashes and crowns right there in front of all their students,” Halpin said, “we want to try and make it a very fun time and take many pictures of them.”

At the following faculty meeting, the committee will display a Powerpoint of all the different pictures of the featured “Top Dog,” and then present the winner with their nominations and “Top Dog on Campus” certificate.

“We also will do a surprise twist at the end of the slideshow where we will give a preview to the faculty members as to who will be the second ‘Top Dog’ of the month by exposing their photos at the end of the slideshow,” added Halpin.

The photos taken of the staff member in their crown and sash will be displayed in the front glass trophy case in the main lobby for all to see during their two weeks of fame.

Committee members say that Mr. Cote was a logical choice for the first “Top Dog.”

“I think Cote was a perfect choice due to all he has done for this school. He was here all summer working hard to create that beautiful memorial, which gave our school a little something extra. He is a great contributor and helps LHS  run smoothly,” said Siearra Papuga, one of the senior committee members.

Teachers are also in favor of this new progam.

“I think this is a great way to acknowledge the staff at LHS. With this new program, teachers feel appreciated, because they actually get to know what students think of them,” said English teacher Ms. Amber Lowe.

The sole purpose of this program is to recognize the staff members at LHS for their outstanding contributions to the Ludlow High School Community and to also thank the staff members who do not get enough recognition, explained Halpin.

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