The Cub

Ted Zwinski
Ted Zwinski is a senior and a former student of Mr. Cangemi. He has been with the Cub for over a year. Although he hadn’t written much last year, he’s hoping to write a lot more this year. When he graduates, he wants to go into the entertainment business. Ted is also the Communications Director for the Ping Pong Club, and is also writing a book; his hands seem to be pretty full. In the Cub, Ted wants to write short stories including fiction, comedy, and horror. 

What he wants from the Cub is to have colleges look up some of his articles and readings to show them how his passion is writing. He hopes it will pay off and plans to be a daily show host, write books, and have his own family. 

Some places you may cross paths with him is at school, and possibly at the track. Some of his hobbies are fishing, drawing, and socializing with others.

Ted Zwinski, Staff Writer

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Ted Zwinski