Ping Pong Club to host Tournement


Ted Zwinski, Staff Writer

The Ping Pong Club will host a fundraiser tournament on April 3 at 2:15 in the back gym of the high school to raise money for a new track.

“There will be prizes for the top three and pizza for all at the end,” says Club Adviser Peter Vamosy.

Vamosy is planning to have this tournament be a competition against all four grades in the high school, making it a big part of the spirit week.

“We hope to increase student participation by connecting this tournament to spirit week, and the best players from each class will compete on stage,” he says. “We worked together with club leaders: Brie Wallis, Caitlyn Emirzian, and Jake Vautrain. We also worked with Mrs. Gauvin and the class advisors.”

Jake Vautrain, one of the club members, is looking forward to the competition. “I think that the tournament will be a great way to make ourselves known, and it will hopefully raise our attendance for next year,” he said. “It took a good amount of planning, and the help of Mrs. Gauvin, Mrs Ollquist, Mr. Brillo and Mrs Nemeth, but we came through. We are thankful for everything they’ve done for us.”

The ping pong tournament is scheduled to go until 4:00 p.m. If a lot of people stay till four,  Vamosy said he’d be “delighted to make the tournament till 5:00.”

Mr. Vamosy is very excited and is delighted to help out the school. He is hoping for at least 25 to 50 people to come.

“We are hoping for a good turn out and hope to raise money for the track. We’re glad to work with Gauvin and the class advisors, and integrate our tournament into spirit week. GO LUDLOW,” he said.