On track for a new track


Ted Zwinski, Staff Writer

Some kids stay after school for sports and most of them on or within the school track.

Most Students believe that the Ludlow High school track needs a redo to keep in shape and Athletic Director Tim Brillo says that the school plans to take care of it within the next year or so.

This is good news for many athletes.

“As a member of the Ludlow Track Team for all my years here, I’d say that the track’s current condition affects the performances for anybody who uses it,” said junior Jake Vautrain, returning track member. “I think many others would agree that if the track was redone it would improve the performances of our runners and other school runners alike.”

Some students said that they don’t really care about the track being fixed and said they would rather have the money spent to have air-conditioning installed.

Brillo is planning to raise money to fix the track and the turf on the athletic field.

“The goal is to redo the track, which will cost $500,000 to $600,000 dollars. The turf will cost another $500,000 to $600,000 dollars as well. So in total we are talking about a million to 1.2 million dollars. The goal is to make this money by next spring or next fall of 2019.”

The school is asking small businesses to donate the funds.

“Only a few are interested. We have not got any big donations yet” said Brillo. “Hopefully by next spring or next fall we will reach our goal.”

Another way that Ludlow High school is making money is fundraisers. The fundraiser that is used to raise the money for the track is called “Bring Back The Roar.” This fundraiser started since September 2018.