The Cub

Andria Boland
There goes the “Ricanmobile” driving down the street, and who’s in the driver’s
seat? Obviously Andria Boland, wearing her huge “Puerto Rican” hoops and blaring
anything between Daddy Yankee, Chris Brown, or Justin Bieber. In the spring, you’ll
find her on the softball field. But until then, she’ll be working after school at a hair salon.
Andria is fun, energetic, kind, and once in a while bit ditzy…alright maybe more than
once in a while. Still, she’s an honor student and when she sets her mind to something,
she tries her hardest to get what she wants. If you ever walk down the halls of LHS and
here someone call “Andrica,” that’s her.

Andria Boland, Staff Writer

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Andria Boland