Cell phones still on trial at LHS

Andria Boland, Staff Writer

Students who own cell phones know that Ludlow High school is trying out a new policy that allows students to use their phones during lunch and keep them on their possession as long as they are off or on “silent.”

The school has tried out this proposal for two months now, and since it was a two-month trial period, the decision will soon be made on whether students will be allowed to continue to use cell phones or whether the proposal will be terminated.

Administrators have been doing data analysis on whether the discipline rate has gone up for the use of cell phones during this trial period. They have found that there has been no significant increase in the detentions for cell phone usage.

“I think its great. I’ve been watching students in the cafeteria and more students don’t use cell phones than kids that do,” said Principal Lisa Nemeth.

Students have been using their cell phones during lunch to play games, use calcalators, and even check the weather, said Nemeth.

When asked how he likes using cell phones at lunch, junior Kyle Tomas said, “Well you know, I like using my cell phone at lunch because I like listening to music and it just puts me in a fantastic mood.”

Junior Kyle Smith believes that the cell phone proposal will be kept because there’s been no complaints or problems about it. “It’s convienient,” he says.

And he’s right. So far, there hasn’t been any terrible issues with students getting caught with cell phones and using them when they’re not supposed to.

Members of the school committee have a meeting coming up soon to decide whether the proposal will stay with or leave LHS.