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Ludlow varsity girls soccer team welcomes four new freshman to the team

in order: Tashiana Kwatowski, Nissa Pereira, Taylor Masse, and Julianna Iwasinski

There are many freshman soccer players who have a goal to make varsity their first year of high school. The following four ladies accomplished this: Nissa Pereira, Julianna Iwasinski, Taylor Masse and Tashiana Kwatowski. They worked hard playing, overcoming injuries, keeping a close bond between teammates and maintaining grades all through their years of elementary school, then through middle school.

Once practices for high school started they had to begin doing things harder then before, working hard through the sweat and heat running laps to stay in shape, having practices or games everyday and having little to no time for their social lives, all for something they love. At the the end of the summer, results were in. These were the new faces to not only the school, but to the Ludlow girls varsity soccer team.

 After eleven years of running,scoring goals and dedication, this pretty brunette Nissa Pereira made it on the girls varsity soccer team. Pereira plays defence and forward representing number nine on the field.

She is proud of herself and her team. Pereira is dedicated to soccer doing anything in her strength to score. “Scoring is the best feeling,” says Pereira, “not only are you proud of yourself but your team is proud of you.”

Along with having a busy soccer schedule, Pereira is in three honors classes and takes dance classes at Alegria Dance and Fitness. This is a girl who never gives up on something she loves.

Tashiana (Tasha) Kwatowski, the talented soccer and basketball player made it to the top her first year here at Ludlow High School. With number nineteen on her back, Kwatowski spends her field time either in goal or midfield. This is her ninth year playing and since day one was in love with the sport.

“To be on varsity,” says Kwatowski, “you have to be hardworking, never give up, and always try your hardest as a player.” She is all these things, which is what helped her get there.

Striker, Julianna Iwasinski is a fun loving blonde with passion for her sport. This passion, dedication and skill helped Iwasinski make varsity. This is her eleven and a half year playing soccer with the same love from year to year.

Last year, during a state cup game Iwasinski broke her fibula bone, which is in the lower part of your leg, causing her to be out on rest. This didn’t change the way she played in anyway. As soon as she was able to, Iwasinski got back on the field to begin retraining that leg.

“I chose number twenty two because of the song ‘22’ by Taylor Swift.” says Iwasinski. This song helps her get pumped up for a game.

There is no other time for sports for Iwasinski, completely dedicated to soccer. It’s soccer, soccer, and more soccer. This has been and will always be her one love.

Following the lead of her sister who played varsity girls soccer, Taylor Masse the pretty, intelligent blonde chose fourteen as her number this year. Masse plays defence, which is her favorite position to play.

 This is her ninth year playing soccer, and wants to keep playing all through high school.

Masse says, “To be on varsity, you have to know how to be apart of a team, you have to be supportive to your teammates and work hard.” Masse is definitely hardworking and dedicated to soccer, as are the other girls on her team.

These girls are one hundred percent dedicated to their team, coaches and their sport. Being close with your teammates helps you play better on the field. The Ludlow lions girls varsity soccer team are one big family. Good luck to the girls varsity soccer team, keep up the good work!

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Emily Sajdak, Staff Writer
Emily Sajdak is a 14-year-old freshman at Ludlow High School this year. She has been dancing for 12 years and cheerleading for five. She dances daily 10 hours a week and teaches two classes. Emily also recently joined the Ludlow High School Varsity Cheerleading team and loves it! Although she lives in Ludlow her heart belongs in East Falmouth, Massachusetts -- a small town on the Cape where her family owns a beach house. Emily enjoys writing about recent news and controversial topics. In eighth grade Emily wrote a nine-paragraph essay on abortion and earned an A on it. With Emilys straight brown hair, deep brown eyes and quiet personality she can be easy to look over but once you know her she’ll always be by your side. By taking journalism this fun 14-year-old hopes to improve her writing skills and make friends that will last a lifetime.

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