Varsity girls soccer struggles to put up wins


Stacia Papuga, Sports Editor

Even though it’s just the beginning of the season, the Ludlow Lions girls varsity soccer team is starting off a little rough with a 2-2-3 record.

“It’s early into the season,” said Coach Kate Marino. “I would rather be 5-0 but we have to just learn from the mistakes and learn from the teams that we play.”

The girls season is off to a slow start, especially since they played some of the best teams in Western Mass like Minnechaug, East Longmeadow, and Belchertown for their first three games.

“I think we’re doing good,” said sophomore Kaeli Serafino. “We’re playing solidly as a team and all we really need to do is score.”

Marino said that the weaknesses that the girls have is that they think too much, over thinking the plays, little varsity experience, and that they are a very young team.

Some strengths are that they have depth meaning that as the girls come off the bench, they are as strong as their starting lineup.

They also have great team chemistry. For example, “our team had chemistry right from the beginning because there were only about four new people to the team, we usually have pasta suppers or all hang out at someone’s house,” said captain Cayla Mole. “We just easily click.”

Marino said that they don’t give enough credit to themselves and are nervous which leads to them struggling out on the field.

The captain of the girls soccer team, senior Cayla Mole said, “I want my team to play hard to the best of their abilities and come out with a Western Mass title.”

The girls soccer team lost a lot of seniors last year which hurt their team.

“I think that every class that graduates leaves something behind. I’m confident in the seniors we have now,” said Marino.

Even though the girls are having a hard start to their season, they still get pumped up for games no matter what their record is.

“The leadership, team chemistry, and the girls come back strong that help us get ready for games,” said Marino. “They are the hardest working team I ever had.”

To start putting up some wins, the girls need to improve their field knowledge, reading plays and their tactical appearance.

“By the end of the season, I just want the girls to make the tournament,” said Marino.