Jason Hoffman


Chloe Forrant, Staff Writer

Fun fact: When he was younger, he was convinced he wanted to grow up and be a male stripper.

Quote: “I can’t do with mountains close quarters- they are always in the way and they are so stupid, never moving and never doing anything but obtrude themselves.”  -David Herbert Lawrence

Major: Computer engineering

When Jason Hoffman entered Ludlow High School his freshman  year, he didn’t know how much his life would change over the course of only four years. Actually, he personally “changed twice.”

Starting his freshman year, he didn’t seem to have a care in the world. He hung out with friends and was his outgoing, obnoxious self. Although he could be quiet at times, he also would go on rants about anything he felt strongly about.

“My beliefs weren’t really fully developed yet,” he says, “I was still just a kid.”

Between hanging out with friends and being on the volleyball team, he was still able to maintain honor roll his whole freshman year. His favorite class was Mr. Mullvehill’s honors Western Civ class.

“It changed my life. He really teaches you to stop being so stupid.”

Throughout high school, Jason has changed a lot. As his friends grew up, they also drifted apart. His lifestyle changed. His grades dropped. The hardest thing for him was seeing all the people he thought he knew so well seem to disappear from his life.

“You think you’re going to see people from high school after you graduate all the time. But you don’t. And it doesn’t fully hit that you’ll never see these people again until it actually happens.”

His lowest point of self-confidence was during gym class his junior year.

“There was a time Graves [gym teacher] wouldn’t let me play in the 2012 gym class NHL Olympic playoffs because of a guidance workshop. I cried that day, literally. I mean, I came really ready to play and I’m still convinced that he was either bribed by the other team to not let me play, or was just straight playa’ hatin’ on my JOFA swag.”

Jason’s highest point in high school was when he was making a lot of money working in the produce department at Randall’s and when he had his own car. Also, during the summer, going to the beach and hanging out with Tim Zhilyaev, who has been his best friend for as long as he can remember.

“Timmy’s my boy,” he says.

His biggest mistake throughout high school was going too far and temporarily getting kicked out.

“I can’t say much about it,” he said, “But it had something to do with  beavers and sharks.”

His advise for underclassmen is direct: stay in school.

Jason will be attending STCC for computer engineering in the fall. While he isn’t scared at all for college, he is definitely excited. Although he would rather be going to a four year school, he can’t wait to go to class and start learning about something he loves to do.

“I built my own computer and I enjoyed it 100 times more that I expected. If I could build computers all day I’d be pretty happy doing it.”

While he went down a rough path, he is now back to where he was freshman year and happy with what he has accomplished. His friends include Jordan Leal, Alex Francisco, Jeremy Lamontagne and, of course, Timmy.

He says he’s ready to try hard and take life more seriously.

“It’s [high school] has been the best four years of my life and I love every single person under that roof. And I love rabbits too.”