Lindsey Paradis


Alexis Gamache, News Editor

Fun Fact : Can’t swim.

Quote : “50% of me loves dresses, flowers and pretty things. The other 50% of me loves tattoos, hardcore music, concerts and skinny jeans.”


Senior Lindsey Paradis entered Ludlow High School without the slightest clue that by the time she reached her senior year she would be a completely different person.

She also never knew how welcoming and friendly a school could be until entering LHS.

As a freshman, she described herself as “lost and obnoxious.” As a senior she still says this about herself but she’s “learned not to care.”

 Since her freshman year, she’s come a long way from just playing soccer and basketball; she’s  fallen into a new crowd of people which she calls “the goody-two-shoes,” and has gotten more involved throughout the school years, such as being the president of National Honor Society which she calls her biggest achievement.

Her style has evolved as well, going from her “tomboy” phase, which carried from middle school  to freshman year, to what she describes now as part cowboy chic and part dressy.

However, her high school career wasn’t always a walk-in-the-park. Her sophomore year was described as her hardest point.

“It was a hard time for me, everyone around me was doing so well, ” says Paradis, “I was struggling with school and I just had a different attitude about dealing with situations, it was destructive.”

Through the rough patches, she turns to her role model in LHS, history teacher Jessica Brehaut. She finds that Brehaut has a “reassuring attitude,” and always cares about what Lindsey has to say.

Paradis will be attending Emerson in the fall with plans on becoming an author and writing about being a teenager in high school. She believes it’s one of the more crucial times in a person’s life.

Her biggest fear when going away is fading into the background and losing all her confidence, as well as trying to find her voice when there’s so many people around her. However she hopes to try different things.

“A lot of me was stuck, in college I want to repress that part of me and find who I am,” says Paradis.

Looking back on her high school career she’s happy with parts of it, but  there are definitely parts  she would’ve done differently.

“My advice to freshman would be to meet as many people as you can, because when you’re a senior you’ll regret it.”