No Water Fountains, No Problem

Where can students get water with no working water fountains?


Leo Laguerre, Editor-in-Chief

Water can be hard to come by for a Ludlow High School student. Both students and athletes need water in order to get through the day and stay hydrated. Although not clearly defined, there are many options students have in order to get water at Ludlow High School. 

In previous years, there were water fountains operating throughout the school, which allowed students to drink and refill their water bottles. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent closure of schools, they had to be turned off in 2020 and have not been available for use since. 

In a student council meeting, Mr. Mitchell reported that a combination of old pipes and lack of use caused the water to be dirty when initially turned on this summer. In order to get the systems working again, the school would have to completely replace the pipes and order an inspection of them. This would be a massive feat, both practically and financially, that the school is not ready for. 

For their class gift, the Class of 2020 bought new water refill stations, similar to those recently added to Harris Brook Elementary School. Although they were ordered almost two years ago, the water refill stations have been back-ordered and likely will not arrive until at least the start of next year. 

In response to this issue, the school has allowed students to carry water bottles with them for the first time in many years. Administration has stated that only clear water bottles are allowed; however, this has been a loose rule. It should be noted that this new rule only applies to water, and not other drinks, such as coffee or tea. 

If a student forgets their water bottle at home or drinks all of it before the end of the day, there are some alternative ways to get water. The most straightforward way is to purchase it at lunch for the low price of one dollar. 

Recently, some teachers have been providing water and water bottles to students if they forget theirs or need a refill. The various teachers that do give out water only do so out of kindness, and may take that privilege away at any time if it is abused by students. 

The nurses’ office also allows students to come down and refill their water bottles. After school, athletes can get water at the water fountain near the baseball field, or visit the athletic trainer and ask for water. 

There have been discussions between the student council and Mr. Mitchell to add water coolers throughout the school so that students could get refills if they drink all their water. These talks are still ongoing and nothing has been set in stone yet. 

In the future, the school could add more methods for students to get water but until then, students can utilize the methods listed above to stay hydrated and healthy in school.