Bullying still experienced by some

Ariel Vital, Staff Writer

High School a confusing place for everyone, there are cliques, clubs, and sports. No one person fits in all.

What makes school particularly difficult for some people is the harassment from bullies, who act like they’re better than everyone else due to their deep-rooted insecurities. They have personal problems and take out their anger on others.

Freshman guidance counselor Emily Doucette said, “when a student comes to me [about bullying] I ask if they are okay, and if they are I ask them to explain what happened. If it is serious I bring it to Mr. Halpin and then he makes the decision [of how to proceed]”

Doucette was never actually bullied, but when she had problems in middle and high school she would seek help from her guidance counselor. That’s why she is a guidance counselor today.

All teachers are trained on bullying and are mandated by law to report it.

In my eyes, the way to stop bullying is a complete and total culture shift across our country. Since we are talking about school, schools should have expectations beginning at the very earliest grade levels of how students treat each other and how all people treat each other. It should be a part of each day, ingrained in them that all people are valuable and differences are valuable, not something to mock and judge and ridicule.” Laura Wosko said a teacher at LHS.

“In the definition of bullying, the actions have to be repeated over time and there also has to be a power imbalance between the bully and the victim,” said Wosko.

Wosko thinks everyone has experienced some type of bullying whether they label it or not.

Bullying is something that has always been around but not something that has always been taken seriously. It has become a part of our culture and some people consider it a rite of passage and that everyone goes through it at some point in their life,” she said

If the teacher or administrator does not have all of the information, it can be difficult to determine what is going on in the situation. Sometimes bullies will get away with prolonged harassment because all the details are not reported.

Not only are teachers responsible for handling bullying situations. Students who witness this behavior should speak up.

“If I see someone getting bullied I will stick up for them,” said freshman Charlie Henry.

Most bullying doesn’t happen in front of teachers. Teachers often find out of the bullying from student whether it be from the victim or a friend or another student.

Henry feels that bullies are just trying to make people feel bad so they can feel better about themselves. Henry has been bullied and the way she takes care of it is she sticks up for herself and tries to not let it bother her.

Bullying mostly happens in the halls, online, or at lunch. It’s not just pushing and shoving is the words they use and how they act around you.

Most bullying happens in middle school or high school online or offline.

If you are being bullied don’t wait to go to your guidance counselor.