Teachers overreact with cell phones

Teachers overreact with cell phones

Briana Deferreira, Staff Writer

Cell phones are a big reason why many students get in trouble at Ludlow High, but there’s no reason for this over-reacting.

Every class it seems at least five or six students are being told to be put their phones away.

Teachers say that cell phones are a “distraction” to the classroom. But how?

If a student pulls out their phone the whole class doesn’t suddenly stop paying attention to their lesson to stare at that one student’s phone. It causes more of a disruption for the class when the teacher stops in the middle of their lesson to tell the one student to put their phone away.

Some teachers have hung a cell phone pocket holder in their classroom to try and avoid this problem. They have their students place their phones in the holder for the duration of the class.

But, what if there is an emergency? Let’s say, for example, a fire breaks out in the school or a shooter enters the building, and nobody is able to go grab their phone. Nobody can quickly call 911.

Not only that, but as freshman Jackie Doucette says the pockets “don’t really make the students put their phones” away. Many still keep them on their person ignoring the pocket rule and sneak their phones out during class anyway.

Doucette also says how she feels the pockets are “overrated and overused.” Many teachers use these phone pockets to try and prevent distraction, but the only kids who listen to the rule are the ones who don’t use their phones in class anyway.

Also, I’ve witnessed several teachers using their own phones during classes countless times, yet they still tell students not to use their own. This double standard is unfair and teachers shouldn’t be allowed on their phones if students can’t use their own.

Although many people will say that cell phones are a distraction and teachers are just trying to stop the student from hurting their education, they’re only hurting their own lesson by stopping to ask the one student to put their cell phone away, and if the student refuses they have to stop the whole class to discipline the one student.

There will always be some way for students to distract themselves during class and it is their choice whether they want to pay attention or not. Although we do know teachers are just trying to do their jobs we also know students are never all going to put their phones away. In our modern society cell phones are heavily relied upon and when anyone hears or feels their phone go off they are tempted to check instantly.  

This is a never ending battle that neither side will ever win.