“Blizzard Bags” would lengthen summer vacation

Autumn Haggerty, Staff Writer

This year the school came up with the idea of “blizzard bags.” Blizzard bags are activities that teachers will assign to their classes if school is cancelled for that day due to snow so students won’t miss the work and prevent them from having to make up the cancelled day at the end of the year.

Students are given 5 days to get all the work for each class done. If students don’t have all their assignments in by those five days, the snow day will count as an absence.

These blizzard bags are good for a few reasons. One being we won’t have to tack on days at the end of the year which causes summers to be shorter than they’re supposed to be.

For seniors, it provides them with the education that they would otherwise miss with a traditional snow day. Since they leave school early, seniors don’t need to make up snow days. This is the main reason why many seniors hate the idea of a blizzard bag — they are now responsible for work that would be missed.

Some students are also against blizzard bags because they do not want to have to do any schoolwork while they are home due to a snow day,

Even worse, the blizzard bags could add more stress to a student than actually having to get up in the morning and go to school. Students wake up glad to receive a call saying there’s no school, but now it’s just a call saying to do your assigned homework.

So are blizzard bags really as helpful as administration proposes, or could they be adding additional unnecessary stress to students? If I had a vote, I would say yes because having blizzard bags will save more of our summer and we have plenty of time to get the assignments done.