All I Want For Christmas Is Coffee (In School)


Tea Goncalves, Staff Writer

Administration is forcing students to throw away their hard-earned money at Ludlow High School. Students must throw away their coffees — some of which cost five dollars — when they walk into the building for school.

At Ludlow High students are not allowed to bring in and enjoy food or drinks outside the cafeteria. This includes everything from coffee to water. Many students are angry at this policy because they would like to enjoy their hot coffees on the cold January mornings and ice coffee on sweltering June days.


Hot coffee can keep the students at Ludlow High warm during their first few periods, considering it can reach low temperature inside the building.


Teenagers also like their coffee in the morning because school starts so early the caffeine wakes them up and prepares them for their day.. Most students do not get much sleep at night because of homework or busy social lives, so they need as much help as they can to get through the day.


Personally I don’t like coffee, but I think it can highly benefit those who enjoy drinking it. Studies show that coffee can increase your memory which can be helpful to students for upcoming tests.


While students are required to toss their caffeinated drinks, teachers enjoy their coffees throughout their entire day of teaching.


Students think it is unfair for teachers to have access to coffee whenever they would like, while the students cannot. It can be especially unfair when teachers drink their coffee in front of their students. Like not being able to drink it is bad enough.


Administrators enacted the “no drink” policy based on one or two incidents a long time ago.


Legend has it, a few years back there was an incident where students were filling their “bottles of water” with alcoholic beverages. Ever since this problem, administration has been hard on students with drinks, even water.


Teachers and administrators have seemed to lighten up on the “no water” stance, and for good reason: staying hydrated is critical for one’s mental and physical health.


All in all, I believe students should be allowed to bring in caffeinated drinks to school in the morning as well as water. While there may have been some issues in the past, caffeinated students will be happy and alert students making the educational climate more conducive for learning.