Headphones policy should be lifted

Katelyn Beebe, Staff Writer

I don’t think that some people understand how music is an outlet for some students. Music is the only reason some can get through their day. Those people usually are the ones who understand the true beauty behind music. They understand the message that the song gives and usually they can relate to it. Other people just listen to music for the sound, which isn’t actually getting the whole music experience.

Personally, I can relate to music on a very emotional level. If I’m having a bad day or I am under a lot of stress then I can listen to music to help me feel better.

I like to de-stress to alternative music like Paramore or Fall Out Boy.

I also use music to help me concentrate. While doing my homework I usually listen to music because it makes it easier to focus and makes it seem like homework isn’t the worst thing in the world. I can listen to just about anything while I’m doing my homework, including Taylor Swift or Halsey.

I want to be listening to music all the time, but unfortunately school is not the place for it.

Wearing headphones in school should be allowed again — at lunch at least. There are way too many ways we are restricted in school and wearing headphones is one of them. I don’t believe that headphones in school should be banned.  

When I was a freshmen, using headphones at lunch was still okay, but last year in my sophomore year, if I wanted to listen to music at lunch then I couldn’t because they were banned. Luckily last year I talked to some people I knew at my lunch so I didn’t think about using headphones much. This year is different. I’d prefer to listen to music at lunch because I don’t talk to anyone. Listening to music would help me not feel as left out because I’m not talking to anyone.

If you are walking in the hallway with your headphones dangling around your neck then it’s guaranteed that a teacher will stop you or tell you as you pass by to “get rid of the headphones.”  I think that the teachers are enforcing the rule a bit too much.

Many students at LHS know about those groups of students that wander the hall throughout the day and blare their music. They distract the classes going on while they aimlessly wander the halls. If those students were able to wear headphones then they would be less distracting.

Recently when LHS tried to do ‘annoying song stuck in your head’ fundraiser students got so annoyed by the music playing that they put their headphones in to try and get the sound of the schools music out of their head. It was like the school was pushing students to use their headphones.

It’s time for the administration to take a close look at the policy and find ways to allow the students to wear headphones at appropriate times. There’s no reason why students should be banned from wearing headphones in the hallway, during lunch, or during a DLT.