Students affected by new bus policy speak up


Felicia Robare, News Editor

A new rule that prevents students who ride the bus from entering Ludlow High School until 7:05 has resulted in later buses and upset students.

For me, a short conversation with my bus resolved that issue.

When the bus company heard about the new rule, drivers decided to pick up high school students later. I was scheduled for pick up at 6:31, but my bus arrived at 6:48.

Last year this wouldn’t be an issue, but this year there are many additional stops and our bus has to go about seven minutes out of its way, through Granby, just to turn around.

Then it took over 10 minutes just to get from the Ludlow fire station to the bus loop due to the traffic.

When I finally arrived at school it was 7:18.

When we get into the school we had about one or two minutes to rush to our locker to get our books, or go to the library for a DLT pass. There was no time eat breakfast.

Students on bus #6 spoke up and got the issue resolved.

We discussed the issue with our bus driver, Priscilla Banas. Her response was, “I know how you feel and I will talk to my boss after I drop you off.”

That afternoon when we got on the bus she made the announcement that she would be picking us up at our scheduled times, not 10 minutes later.

To the students who do take a bus and are getting to school late, talk to your bus driver to see if they can work it out.

But if a student is a walker, nothing changes and they can still get in the school at 7:00 when the school opens.

Everything can work out, just don’t be afraid to speak up.