How to not pick up a girl

How to not pick up a girl

This Facebook message is the exact opposite way of trying to pick up a girl.

Alex Francisco, Sports Editor

So I’m aware that in today’s day and age, technology and social networking are a part of our everyday lives. Our cell phones are attached to our palms and in most cases, the first and last thing we do in our day is check our Twitter or Facebook feed. Social networking and technology have changed the way we do absolutely everything, from getting local news to pure entertainment, and unfortunately, this is also the case for how a guy tries to pick up a girl.

This is going to be very blunt but you guys really need to stop doing that, now. If I log onto Facebook and see a message from a random guy I’ve never talked to reading, “Hey beautiful, how are you today?” I instantly think you’re a creep and any chance you may have had with me is ruined; I mean paper-shredded-and-then-set-on-fire kind of ruined.

First impressions of people are so important, and if a girl’s first impression of you is her thinking this kid is a weirdo, I need to block him ASAP, then there is really no turning back from that. Sorry.

There’s nothing wrong with “liking” a girl’s Facebook picture or “favoriting” an Instagram post, but when a girl see’s that you’ve liked a picture from 5 months ago she is going to know instantly that you were doing some hardcore creeping.

I just don’t understand what some of your logic is behind doing this.

Granted you may start talking to a girl after one of these encounters, but if you’re really looking for something serious then why wouldn’t you try to impress the girl? Ask her out on a real date, face-to-face.

I can pinky promise you that having the courage to go up to a girl in person will impress her much more than hitting her up on Facebook with a message reading, “Hey, IDK you but ur cuteeee! What up gorgeoussss :).”

Seriously, give me a break.

You’re welcome boys.