Seniors say goodbye

Lindsey Paradis, Editor-in-Chief

This year I’m a senior at LHS and it will be my last year roaming the halls. I have a little bit of advice for my 231 classmates that will hopefully walk across the stage at the Mullins Center in the spring, as well as for the underclassman here at LHS.

So to my fellow classmates, I know senior year puts on the stress with college visits, filling out the common app, and in general finding out what you want to do with your life. But between all of that and the SAT retakes, and the college essays, the supplement essays and applications, and high school on top of all that — remember one thing: enjoy your last year at LHS as much as you possibly can.

Yes, you still need to work hard so we can stay strong as a class and have all 232 members graduate come spring, but don’t let the last year of high school pass you by.

Go to the football games or the soccer games, participate in spirit weeks, go on the class trips, do senior show, join some clubs you’ve never thought about before, and bond with your fellow classmates before we all have to say goodbye.

Take something out of your senior year here. Create memories.

Lastly, to all the underclassmen at LHS whether you be freshmen, sophomores, or even juniors, enjoy LHS and your classmates while you can. I know people always say they can’t wait to get out and leave Ludlow behind, but come senior farewell and graduation you’ll see those same people bawling their eyes out talking about how much they’ll miss everyone. So don’t stress out over the little things and enjoy high school.

I know people say high school won’t be the best time of your life, but depending on what you make it it could be your best time so far.