Senioritis; the epidemic that hits Seniors

Senioritis; the epidemic that hits Seniors

Greg Cormier, Editorial Editor

With two terms down, acceptance letters in, and the halfway point of the year passed, senioritis begins to kick in. How does a senior find the motivation to work hard and do well on school work when college acceptance letters have been received and we’re at a significant crossroad in our life?

In most, if not all cases, third and fourth term are completely irrelevant to college acceptances for seniors. The only reason hard work would be necessary in these two terms, is to prevent failing for the year and not graduating with your class.

It seems as if the majority of teachers have looked past all of that. With term three recently beginning, senior class teachers have just looked at it as a way to start yet another new lesson.

I’m not saying everyday should be a movie day or our assignments should consist of crossword puzzles, but teachers can lay off a little bit. It’s difficult to give it 100% when our minds are on other, more important things. If teachers are expecting me to go home and do school work, they are sadly mistaken.

Also, there is a lot of stress on the back of the typical senior. Extra-curricular activities such as Senior Show and Prom are right around the corner.

Worrying about things like this, can make it hard to focus in the classroom. Not to mention, the topics discussed in class are usually in our least interest.

When applying for college, seniors usually look for a specific major the college has that they would be interested in doing. A high percentage of seniors have decided what they want to major in, and in most cases, it won’t require them to learn what their teachers are assigning.

This second half of the year is our last 5 months together as a class, and then its on to our futures. We attend this second half of the school year just anticipating the day of graduation and going on to do bigger and better things.

Our mindset is constantly on something out of the classroom, our focus and effort levels will continue to go down, and we are just waiting for that day to come where we finally get out of school.