Missing: LHS Morning DJs

Missing: LHS Morning DJs

Siearra Papuga, Feature Editor

It’s time to suggest a missing morning DJ report.  Because according to everyone at LHS, they’ve vanished.

At the beginning of the school year, I wrote an article praising the morning DJs.  I mentioned how good of an idea it was, how it came about, and the future plans of the program.  However, I suppose what I forgot to ask was if the DJs planned on packing their bags and leaving anytime soon.

I’m 100% positive I’ve seen junior Steven Talbot typing on this computer every day in journalism, I’ve seen junior Miss. Ballard since autumn, and my eyes have caught junior Ashley Tashjian at least once a week in the hallway.  So like Spider-man once did, have these DJ superheroes hung up their suits?

According to Talbot, he stopped DJing because he perceived that there was a lack of interest among the student body. Additionally, he said waking up 20 minutes early to start the show became “tedious.” He also cited how costly it was to download music.

So is there a lack of interest among the students at LHS? Will somebody else step up to replace the morning crew?

What will LHS do without game recaps before classes begin? Or new video game reviews? Or reminders of upcoming events? The music might not have been high quality, but no one was really complaining.

Well I know I wasn’t complaining, I was rather enjoying having Ke$ha blown from the intercom as I walked through the LHS doors.

This isn’t world-stopping news, but I couldn’t help but wonder if this new LHS tradition has been cut before it could even take a second year of celebration.