Free downloads every Tuesday

Free downloads every Tuesday

Siearra Papuga, staff writer

This news may not be very recent, but it’s most definitely worth the recognition.  Every Tuesday in 10,000 of the participating Starbucks in the U.S. there’s a small card with a magical code.  This code holds your new source of music discovery. 

Starbucks teamed up with iTunes in 2007 to produce the Song of the Day.  This Song of the Dayis a free downloadable song from a selected artist, courtesy of Starbucks.  

I’ve recieved cards from famous artists such as John Legend and Regina Spektor.  Starbucks also serves as a showcase to new up coming artists such as The Flaming Lips. 

I suggest that the next time you go to buy a grande chocolate-chip Frappuccino you grab a hold of that Song of the Day card.  It’s about time the students of LHS open their ears to a new music sensation every now and then.  More specifically, every Tuesday.