Ludlow Donates To Mayflower Marathon


Gabrielle Gonsalves, Arts & Entertainment Editor

This November, led by the school’s chapter of the National Honor Society, LHS participated in the Mayflower Marathon. This annual food drive and fundraiser is hosted by radio station Rock 102. The goal is to collect non-perishable food items to be donated to the Open Pantry to restock their shelves for Thanksgiving.

Collection at LHS began Monday, November 14th, and ended the Monday after, November 21st. Students were motivated to bring in donations by incentives offered by teachers, such as bonus points on tests or quizzes, and some teachers prioritized certain foods—science teacher Mr. Lee asked for donations of peanut butter or tuna fish and like every year, math teacher Mr. Martin only allowed contributions of SPAM.

On the 21st, members of NHS gathered to collect all donations from classrooms across the school. These were then carefully packed into students’ cars and shipped off to the collection station: MGM in Springfield. 

In the end, LHS managed to collect upwards of 6000 items, with over 1300 of these coming from math teacher Mr. Pires’s room alone. This total placed LHS first against other competing schools also donating items.