Senior Events Underway, More Planned


Torcato Zina

The 2022-23 school year is now in full swing, and seniors are buzzing with excitement. They nearly came in first during fall spirit week, which, after consistently coming at or near last over the previous three years, is quite the accomplishment. For the first time in four years, it seems that the Class of 2023 is excited to be together.

So excited in fact that the recent class field trip to Salem filled in less than two days, leaving some out in the cold. “The seats ran out too quickly and I wasn’t able to go because their incompetence in setting up the trip,” explained senior Roniel Taveras. 

The demand for the trip, and the regret of those unable to go makes sense. This year is the last opportunity for seniors to enjoy their high school experience before they enter the terrible world of adulthood. For many, senior year also provides an opportunity to look back. Underclassmen and boosters have been hard at work on posters for fall sport senior nights. The volleyball team were crowned with tiaras, and soccer seniors were greeted by massive banners of themselves when they got to the soccer field for their senior game. Seniors appreciate all the work.

“I’m really looking forward to senior nights for tennis and band,” said senior Amie Teixeira. “It gives me the chance to celebrate the last four years.”  Teixeira pointed out that she would miss her friends and the sports she participates in, and the senior nights are a great way to reflect on her achievements.

Senior nights aren’t the only special occasions for seniors this year. Besides the two additional spirit weeks that seniors suddenly feel very confident about, there is the senior show, the annual comedy show put on by the senior class in the spring.

“I’m looking forward to the senior show,” Teixeria explained, “especially all of the chaos and drama.”

But the best time for seniors is undoubtedly senior week, which takes place in May. From the senior class trip (destination TBA), to senior sunset, and senior farewell, seniors will finish their high school career with a bang.

“Senior farewell is exciting for me because I get to say goodbye to all of my loser underclassmen friends,” joked Teixeira. Taveras, meanwhile, is looking forward to another opportunity for a class trip. “I think it’s gonna be exciting,” Taveras said, “it’s gonna have more investment too because we are seniors.”Not all seniors, of course, share in the enthusiasm. Andrew Lynch, for one, just wants to get his high school experience over with. “I’m genuinely not excited for anything except for my college application results,” he explained. He added that while he was excited to go on the Salem trip, “half my friends weren’t able to go.” 

Still, seniors surely have a lot to look forward to before they walk across the stage at graduation and leave Ludlow High for the last time.