So good, it’s scary: A Salem Trip review

Michael Pedro, Sports Editor

As most everyone in the school may know, the senior class went on a field trip to Salem, Massachusetts,  at the end of October —  the first one of their high school career. It had a good turnout, as almost every senior went on the trip. So I took it upon myself to get a consensus from both the students and teachers. 

Upon arriving in Salem, the seniors were split into groups, with which they went on a “haunted” tour, where ghost stories were told around almost every corner. 

Many seniors reported that the tour was “way too long” and should have been shorter. Other seniors liked the tour and the most popular part of the tour by far was its immersive history aspect. Salem is the site of the historic witch hunt in 1692 and there was a lot to share about that. 

After the tour ended around noon, one hour over the planned end time, the seniors were allowed to roam free in the city. This was the part of the tour that got many people talking. While the tour had mixed reviews, the time afterward was almost unanimously well-liked by the seniors. People got to go around Salem and see the city. 

Senior Abby Letourneau said that she “liked the freedom after the tour to see Salem for what it was.”

Students were able to interact and tour the city with friends.

Senior Luke Morin said, “It was a lot of fun. I got to hang out with people I’ve never talked to before while roaming around Salem, enjoying food near a haunted house together.”

The only thing that was disliked about the post-tour adventure was that there wasn’t enough time to do much. Most people went out to eat, which meant that if you weren’t going to a fast-food restaurant, you only had a short amount of time to explore.

The seniors made the most of their shortened free time by visiting shops and walking around the city. As for the teachers, reviews were largely positive, with most teachers liking both the tour and the time they had afterward. In the end, most people believed it was a good experience.