The Return of Mayflower Marathon

After a one year hiatus due to COVID-19, Mayflower Marathon is back at LHS.


Leo Laguerre, Editor-in-Chief

Rock 102’s Bax & O’Brien host the annual Mayflower Marathon, a campaign that collects non-perishable food donations for the Springfield Open Pantry. Last year due to COVID-19, the campaign was virtual and only accepted monetary donations. This year however, the campaign is back to normal and ready to collect donations. 


Every year, Ludlow’s National Honor Society organizes the collection of non-perishables within the school. In the past, Ludlow has dominated Mayflower Marathon by donating the most amount of non-perishables. For each time Ludlow has donated the most, the school has received a $1000 check along with a $250 Big Y gift card. 


According to NHS advisor Mrs. Stratton, “LHS has contributed approximately $55,000 in non-perishable food items to the Springfield Open Pantry over the past 8 years through the Mayflower Marathon.”


Many teachers at LHS offer incentives for students to donate non-perishable items. Most teachers offer bonus points for donations although some offer slightly different incentives such as not having an open response question on a test. Some LHS teachers get creative with their collection of non-perishables such as Mr. Martin’s “SPAM Challenge” while others have a long track record of collecting many cans such as Mr. Pires. 


Not only is LHS donating, but Harris Brook Elementary is getting in on the donations too. Their donations will be collected and added to those of the high school. When asked about the importance of the campaign, Harris Brook Elementary 5th grader Samson Laguerre said, “It’s important because people without food need the donations from us.” 


Students have until Monday, Nov. 22 to give their non-perishables to one or more of their teachers. Members of Ludlow’s National Honor Society will collect and drop off the donations at the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield later that day.