LHS COVID-19 Update


Olivia Dinis, Editor in Chief

With the recent Coronavirus Outbreak, students of Ludlow High School are full of questions about upcoming activities— specifically, senior show. The seniors of LHS have been rehearsing for weeks for a show anticipated to hit the auditorium stage next Friday and Saturday (March 20th and 21st). 

According to Dr. Todd Gazda, he will be speaking to School Commissioner Jeff Riley tomorrow about how to handle upcoming activities. As of right now, he does not know whether or not the show will be held next weekend. Seniors have no need to fear, however, because he believes that the show will not be cancelled but, at worst, postponed. 

On another note, he also has no fear that COVID-19 will affect any outdoor sports activities. Since people will not be crowded into small, confined spaces, there is no need to worry about the spread of disease. Spring sports will be updated by MIAA. He has no update about the status of boys volleyball, but he will keep athletes and fans updated as soon as possible. He also has no fear of disease being transmitted on busses because “they are disinfected every morning and every evening.”

In respect to the normal school school day, he will be discussing the janitorial staff about disinfecting the entire school top to bottom. Disinfecting will become a priority for school janitorial services. As of right now, there is no talk of cancelling schools because there are actively no confirmed cases in Hampden County.

Updates will continue to be posted on The Cub.