College Fair Helpful Tips and Tricks

College Fair Helpful Tips and Tricks

Olivia Dinis, Staff Writer

As many of you know, the annual college fair will be held tomorrow during sixth and seventh period in the gym. There will be 100+ schools attending, and if you’re like me, you have absolutely no idea what to do. Here are 9 tips to help you on your college search:


Before the fair:

  1. Plan your outfit. Professional attire is one of the first things a college rep will see as you approach their table. Dress like you’re going for a job interview. For guys, a button up shirt and pants will do and for the ladies, a casual dress, a blouse, and your coolest shoes. Little tip: don’t be the person that shows up in the sweat pants.
  2. Act confident. Confidence is key! If you’re not confident, fake it ‘til you make it! Pose like Superman in the bathroom for a few minutes. Look at a picture of Wonder Woman. Whatever you do, make sure you are the most confident you can be! This will make you stand out the most in the eyes of the college reps. Practice a strong introduction to make it more casual when the time comes.
  3. Look into potential schools. Plan your attack. If you don’t know exactly what schools, think of the atmosphere you’re searching for. Think of the setting you want to be in for the next four years. A huge city or the boonies? Large classes or small? Close to the bubble or as far away as possible? It’s all up to you, as scary as that is…
  4. Make a list of things you might want to know. Although the school will give you a list of questions to ask, make sure you ask your own questions to make you stand out. Ask about what types of clubs they have, their sports stats. Try to let the representative get to know you as much as possible.


During the fair:

  1. Check off all the schools you plan to visit as soon you get your list.
  2. Ask about your possible majors. As your starting to narrow down your possibilities, begin asking questions about what their program is like. How do students like it? What percentage of the school studies this? Even if you still have no idea what you’re going to do, KNOW THAT YOU’RE NOT ALONE! Ask the representative about their undecided program, most schools have one.
  3. Consider all the possible variables that go into your college search. Ask each school about why you should go there.
  4. Ask questions from the script the school gives you or not. Make sure you show the admissions rep your priorities. Test scores, population, student to teacher ratio, anything you feel might be beneficial for the next four years of your life.
  5. Have confidence! You’ve got this. Know that everything that happens in the college fair will only benefit you. There is no way asking questions could hurt you. Be confident in who you are and what you’re doing.
  6. Leave an impression! Make sure that college rep has something to remember you by. Whether it’s your smile, a business card, a wicked cool jacket, or a purple top hat with a feather in it. Make connections with them. They’re going to be the people reading your application!


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