Check in with Lions Pride


Anna Belculfine, Editor-in-Chief

Ludlow High school staff and students now have an easier way to get involved with extracurricular events by downloading a new app called “Lions Pride.” The app allows the user to check in to any sporting event for the school, earning points and rewards for doing so.

The idea of an app was presented by a Varsity Brands company that the school has been working with as a part of their “rebranding process.” The rebranding process included al tweaking of the school’s lion logo.

SuperFanU developed the app, and according to Athletic Director Tim Brillo it is used primarily at the college level to increase the attendance of fans at games.

“LHS has been working on ways to increase student and faculty participation at school functions so we gave the app a shot,” he says.

So far Brillo said the app has been a huge success and reported an increase in student ticket sales from last school year. There are currently over 700 users. The app keeps students informed about game schedules and notifies them about points available for showing up and “checking in.” Each event rewards five points to the user.

“I enjoy using the app because it gives me a better reason to go to the games. I have 124 points right now and I plan on saving up a lot,” says freshman Emma Cote.

After the user saves points, prizes can be redeemed. A Gatorade from the machine in school is worth 60 points, VIP Admission for two to the Basketball Hall of Fame is available for 70 points, and one free “unprepared for gym class” is worth 80 points. There are various other prizes on the app and the more points you score, the bigger and better the prize.

In addition to sporting events, staff and students can check into other school events such as band concerts, chorus concerts, even Powder Puff. Events like these are worth five points as well.

“I love the app,” says Brillo. “I think it is a great way to have all of the school’s activities, it provides incentives to users to attend LHS events and with more participation comes more school spirit.”