Juniors recognized as “student of the month”

Ariel Vital, Staff Writer

Ludlow High School is bringing back “students of the month” where students are recognized for laudable behavior. This month the school picked juniors Brianna Walas and Emily Haryasz.

Walas was nominated by an unidentified teacher for her willingness to “just be a good friend and classmate at LHS. She treats everyone at LHS with respect.”

Walas also helps in class, clubs, the hallway, and in the lunchroom.

Haryasz was nominated for “helping out her classmates with no expectations with anything in return.”

“When I heard that I was chosen as student of the month, I was happy to be recognized for doing something that I always just ordinarily do,” Haryasz said. “I’m glad that what I think is a just small action is having a positive impact on others.”

After seventh period everyday Haryasz stays after to help put up the chairs for desks where students sit.

When Walas found out she was student of the mouth she was surprised and extremely happy. She said, “ It was even a cherry on top that one of my best friends Emily was also picked,” adding that, It makes me happy knowing that one of our school’s administrators believes that I contribute to Ludlow High being a positive environment for others.”

Her favorite part was all of the kind congratulations from my friends,peers, and teachers afterwards.

An please faculty and students don’t forget to congratulate these to amazing girls.