A Sea of Red Takes Class Color Day

Class of 2019 wins Class Color Day

Lauren Teixeira, Editor of Editorials

The sophomore class dominated Thursday night’s Battle of the Classes events, winning the Powderpuff game, 14-7, with touchdowns from Carlie Smith and Jocelyn Trajkovski. The Class of 2020 also won the tug-of-war, putting them in first place for the week.

“The Class of 2020 definitely made a big comeback from last year,” says sophomore Gizzelle Abanador.

However, the senior class is not happy that the sophomore class was awarded the win in tug-of-war.

“Mrs. Ollquist pointed to the seniors and said we won. All of the seniors let go, but all the other classes kept playing,” says senior Casey Dempsey.

Eventually it was teacher Becca Gauvin who determined the sophomore class won the game. Dempsey also added that their class advisor Diana Sands was trying to look into the issue.

Junior Mary Jordan scored two touchdowns for the Class of 2019 who shut out the seniors for a 14-0 win. Junior Bob Gregory masterminded the offense, which involved numerous hand fakes and other deke plays. Jordan scored her second TD on a 40-yard pass from Angela Hudyka.

With these wins, both the sophomore and junior classes pulled safely away from the freshman and seniors.  The Cub calculates that the sophomores have 20 points, juniors, 19, seniors 13,and the freshmen 9.

Many seniors were unhappy with the game and results.

“They were grabbing and hitting us,” says senior Kaylee Moylan. “We were told if we played rough, we would be kicked off.”

The junior class also topped the class color day, coming in first with 88% of the class in red. In second were the seniors with 87.3% in blue, followed by the sophomores with 81% in green, and the freshmen in last with 78% in purple.