Teachers not allowed to give passes to library

Overcrowding has led Librarian Jamison Hedin to limit number of students allowed in library.


Senior Kyle Fortune signs in for a library pass before school.

Anna Orlandi, Feature Editor

The LHS library is rarely seen without students gathered around tables, working on homework, or studying with friends. The library’s popularity, however, raised issues of overcrowding for librarian Jamison Hedin, who established a rule revoking teachers’ ability to write students library passes this year.

Hedin said that more than 60 students worked in the library at a time and “it was too difficult attempting to control all of them.” Supervision and keeping the students quiet was a tough task for her and her assistant Deborah Potter.

Now that teachers can’t give students library passes, fewer students will crowd the library.

For the students who enjoy working in the library during a DLT period, a library pass is needed. Thirty passes for each period are available in the library every morning, but they run out quickly, according to Hedin.

A few students expressed concern for the new rule. Because less passes are available this year, some students may not have access to the library.

“If I’m running late to school, all the library passes will be gone by the time I arrive,” said senior Kyle Zucco. “The library is a quiet and productive area, so I’ll be disappointed if I can’t go as much this year.”

Zucco added that the library offers space to work on group projects or study with other classmates, and hopes the new rule won’t interfere with these opportunities.

Senior Ashley LaPatin said that she doesn’t mind the new rule. As a member of the National Honor Society, she has a permanent pass that allows admission to the library at any time.

“Hopefully the library will be less crowded and it will be easier to get work done,” LaPatin said.

Hedin expects the rule to affect some students’ access to the library, but she thinks it will have an overall positive effect. She hopes the limited passes will encourage students to arrive to school on time or even motivate students to join NHS.