Seniors starts petition to take down speed bumps

Some students have reported that their cars have been damaged due to high speed bumps on Sgt. Desforges Way.


Senior Destiny Lavertue poses next to one of the speed bumps along the back road to the LHS student parking lot.

Kellie Salmond, Staff Writer

Senior Destiny Lavertue started a petition to file down, or completely get rid of, the speed bumps by the back parking lot of LHS on Sergeant Desforges Way. Lavertue says that some cars are being damaged due to the height of the bumps.

According to Lavertue, the speed bumps are “higher than regulation and it are scraping and ruining students’ and teachers’ cars even when they [travel] at slow speeds.”

Senior Angel Estrada signed the petition. Even though she feels that the speed bumps are a “necessity” for safety, she agrees with Lavertue that “they’re too high.”

Lavertue is also concerned that students will have to pay to fix the damage “only to ruin it again on the same speed bump.”  Estrada, who drives a low car, is also worried about damage because “It’s easier to bottom out even when driving relatively slow.”

Lavertue has only just begun, but she already received several signatures from the students so far.

The petition is new and many students are unaware of it. Since Principal Nemeth has not heard enough details on the petition, she said “ I really can’t respond to your questions,” when asked about the petition.