Class of 2018: Winter Spirit Week Champs


Anna Belculfine, Assistant Editor

The class of 2018 took the title Winter Spirit Week Champions for the first time. They won with a total of 46 points, and came in third place for the Penny Wars.

The Seniors took second place with 39 points, the Sophomores close behind the seniors with 36 points, and Freshman placed in fourth place with 28 points.

The Junior class President Matthew Goncalves is extremely proud of his class’s accomplishments so far this year. The Junior class did not seem to have much spirit until this year according to Goncalves.

“I think we found out what our class really is,” says Goncalves. “We really didn’t know what we were as a class Freshman and Sophomore year, but as Junior year came I knew this class was motivated to win it all.”

The class of 2018 also had a strong showing throughout the week for the dress up days. They came in first place on class color day and ugly sweater day, and came in second on flannel and decade day. Mismatch day was the only day the class did not have as strong of a showing, they placed third. 

“I’m glad we won because this is our first win,” says Junior Anna Hurley. “I believe we had a good amount of students participating for the dress up days.”

Goncalves is pleased with how his class performed during the Winter Spirit Week and is very excited to represent the class of 2018.

“We got our heads together and became a family,” says Goncalves.