‘X’ the Text

Students and teachers speak out about the crack down on cell phone policy


Téa Goncalves

Students are often found paying more attention to their phones than the lessons

Téa Goncalves, Staff Writer

Since phone use during school was abused last year, staff members are cracking down on students. Teachers and administration are enforcing the no phone policy to keep phones away during class.

“Last year phones were really out of control,” says English teacher Michelle Masse.

Some students at LHS are forced to put their phones in bins when they enter the classroom to avoid usage. Others must keep their phones away or they will be punished.

“I am being more strict this year,” says Masse. “Everyday they put their phones in a bin and they sign their name in a book for extra points at the end of a term.”

During the 2015-2016 school year, phones were used by students outside of class a lot. It was easy to find students wandering the halls on their phones. They would meet up with friends or simply just use the “bathroom pass” to avoid staying in class.

“I feel that students should be able to use their phones when they leave the room even when they go to the bathroom,” says sophomore Ashlee Bourcier.

Phones being used during class was another big problem. Students were very good at hiding their phones so teachers would not notice them. A lot of teachers would not say anything about phones even if they did see it. The number of kids on their phones was a lot more than the number of students paying attention to the lesson.

“I would say I abused my phone last year,” says sophomore Justin Branco, “I would play Clash Royal during class.”

While teachers think the phone policy is fair, some students feel that the phone policy should be less strict.

“I feel that the rules should lighten up and the students should be in control of their own education. If they want to pay attention then they can but if not it should be their own decision,” says Branco.