Lions Roar Returns in October


Ben Taylor, Sports Editor

The Lion’s Roar returns to Ludlow High School on Friday’s starting in October.

The class has all seniors and so the Lions Roar will be ending earlier than it did last year because the seniors will all be graduating in May. The class takes place in the LCTV studio next to the band room.

“We’re not certain on who’s going to host the show,” says the teacher Michael Hill. “Students have came up to me and are interested in hosting but I have not made any decisions yet.”

Twenty-five students signed up for TV studio, unfortunately only six students were able to be in the class.

“The students right now haven’t done much except learning how to work the cameras,” says Hill, “and edit what they have filmed.”

Students will have a specific job to do each week and will be responsible for making the show. They will have to interview, edit, work cameras, research sports, and update graphics.

“We do a lot of fun activities in the class.” says senior Alex Banas, “Anything that we think is interesting we film it in order to get ourselves ready for the actual show.”

Not all students will have the same job. Some students will take the task of cameras and editing and others will be interviewing and hosting the show.