Class of 2019 elects officers

Ethan Provost elected class president


Freshman Ethan Provost

Anna Belculfine, Staff Writer

Freshman Ethan Provost was elected class president at the Sept. 10 class elections. He will serve the class of 2019 alongside Vice President Max Morel, Secretary Olivia Esempio, and Treasurer Amaka Agazino.

Provost told the class that he was loyal, dedicated, hardworking, and motivated.

“I will listen to your needs, collaborate with my fellow class officers and advisers, and do what needs to be done,” he said. “I am willing to work for hours on end to be the class president that you all deserve.”

Teacher Brian Bylicki, Student Council adviser, said the students did a great job on their speeches.

“I was very impressed with all of the freshman speeches; they were all well prepared,” said Bylicki.

He said that the students addressed issues that can be dealt with by elected officers which is impressive for freshmen candidates.

“ It was close,” said Bylicki when talking about who was chosen as president. “I had to count the votes twice because it was that close.”

Provost won by only 15 votes.

In his speech, Provost quoted the fictional Paul Blart from the Mall Cop movies: “Not everyone is cut out for this job, it takes a certain type of breed. And this particular breed currently consists of just one man … AND I AM THAT MAN!”