Kidney Cancer bracelets sold for awareness

Felicia Robare, News Editor

Ludlow High School is raising money to help find a cure for Kidney Cancer by selling bracelets for a $1 at all three lunches.

The bracelets say “Faith,” “Hope,” “Survivor,”  and “Strength.”

Nurse Sonia Jaworski hopes that in addition to raising money for a cure, the bracelet sales will help raise awareness of the disease.

Kidney Cancer is one the top ten most common cancers, with over 65,000 new diagnoses every year.

“Kidney Cancer has affected my family. A recent family member has passed away form Kidney Cancer,” says Jaworski. “He had a transplant about 28 years ago and was in line for another kidney transplant when he developed Kidney Cancer. We are raising funds to help donate back to Dana Farber Foundation.”

All of the money raised from bracelet sales will be going to Dana Farber Cancer Institute, which is an institution which that provides both adults and children with the best treatment possible for their cancer and puts money into researching cures for cancer.