Students go on a fitness scavenger hunt

Students go on a fitness scavenger hunt

Felicia Robare, News Editor

When Rebecca Gauvin gave the instructions to her third period class that they would be going throughout the school for a team fitness scavenger hunt, the students got excited.

Students had twenty minutes to walk around the school, find the teachers with prep time, and discover if they have a one of the missing puzzle pieces.

“[Speed] walk around the school,” said Gauvin. “Not Run!”

Students had to ask a teacher if they had one of the puzzle pieces. If they said yes, they would also assign the kids an exercise to do such as crunches, push ups, mountain climbers, etc. But if the teacher said no, they would have to leave and find a different teacher.

After each team member completed the exercise, the team would be given one puzzle piece.

“You cannot go in a room or wait outside a room that another team is already in,” she said. “You have to leave and come back later.”

Gauvin printed five copies of the same image, a heart, divided each image into eight sections and assigned one section of the paper to eight teachers.

Although there was only four groups, there’s an extra just in case.

The eight sections were divided up into four classrooms and four offices.

The first team to receive all eight pieces first would have to hurry back to the gym, put together the puzzle, write their names on their paper and tell Gauvin they were done.

The first team that made it back to the gym and put their puzzle together was considered the winner and would receive a prize. The winners were Matt Jordan, Skylar Cyr, Dylan Leal, Nick Freeman, and Agata Pasieka.

“I was really happy we won,” says Cyr. “We had tried our best and had a lot of fun doing it.”