LHS students prepare for Battle of the Classes


Felicia Robare, News Editor

Seniors hope to keep the lead in Battle of the Classes when Spirit Week returns Dec. 15 to 19.

The week will kick off with “Mismatch Day,” when students and faculty will wear anything and everything that does not match. Students will parade in front of the judges seventh period to be counted.

Students staying after school can help teachers decorate their doors for “Deck the Doors.” Deck the Doors is a contest where teachers (and students if they wish to help) decorate the outer part of a classroom door with a holiday theme. Winners will be announced on Tuesday.

Tuesday will consist of “Jersey Day,” when students and faculty wear their favorite sports jersey to school. Students will be called down during sixth period to be counted.

Wednesday will be “Tacky Sweater Day,” wear sweaters with ornaments, snowmen, bells, or any other Christmas decoration. The more obnoxious or “tacky” the better. ”

“I’m looking forward to tacky sweater day because I like seeing all the ugly sweaters,” says freshman Danielle Dart.

Also on Wednesday students will stay after school to help “Deck the Halls” Deck the Halls is a competition between all grades like the rest of spirit week. Using the color that the class was assigned the first day of freshman year, each grade decorates the hall with a theme that is chosen by a committee of students and their advisors.

Last year, the senior class of 2014 won with their blue hallway decorated with social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Instagram. Last year’s junior class, which is red, came in second place with a “pirate” theme. The class of 2015 hopes to win it this year.

“I feel as if the class of 2015 will sweep all of the events,” says senior Matthew Halastra.

Seniors have much pride and confidence in winning this spirit week again.

“Honestly I am really confident that we can put together something really good like we have previous years,” says senior David Annecchiarico.

Deck the Hall ideas for each grade still remains a surprise for the other classes. The only information given is that freshmen have the C-hallway, sophomores have the cafeteria hallway, juniors have the B-hallway, and seniors will decorate the main ramp.

“We’ve gotten so much stronger from freshman to sophomore year with our ideas and this year we’re shooting for a better hallway and I think the combination of both is going to help us get a win, Last year we came so close to the juniors in deck the halls and yet still beat them in everything else so I think we can get a win this spirit week,” says junior Parker Nelson.

Winners of Deck The Halls will be announced on Thursday.

The typical “Class Color Day” will be on Thursday. Class Color Day is when each grade wears their assigned class color. Seniors are red, juniors are green, sophomores are purple, freshmen are blue, and faculty are orange.

“I feel as if our grade can really pull off something great,” says sophomore Max Matias.

Closing the week, Friday will be “Celebrate the Season,” when students and faculty can wear silver and gold, red and green, dress like an elf, or even a snowflake. Students and faculty are only limited by their imagination.

Ms. Kathleen Marino takes over for Mrs. Jennifer Prior-Ollquist as spirit week advisor while she is out on maternity leave.

”I hope the sophomores finally step up. They were the typical freshman class last year, but this year I hope for more effort,” said Marino, who is also the sophomore class advisor.